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Are you looking for a unique Kindergarten Experience?

God’s Garden Preschool and Child Development Center offers a child-centered, discovery-based Christian Kindergarten program. This program is not like other kindergarten programs! Our students are given time to engage in free-choice play in Centers with the skillful guidance of the Teacher.  This is rarely found in Kindergarten anymore. You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity. Register today to secure your child’s spot!

Aligned with state standards, our kindergarten program prepares children for success in school by focusing on math, science, language and literacy, and social emotional development via our HighScope, Child-Centered, Discovery-based, Christian Curriculum. Children are provided with an opportunity to engage in our core centers (i.e., Kitchen, Blocks, Writing, Dramatic play) through play, daily, which is rarely seen in kindergarten anymore.

Our program is comprehensive and recognizes that all children are unique individuals who learn differently. Differentiated instruction is used to identify where each child is at developmentally and then works to help each child build individual skills throughout the school year. It is a highly individualized process that recognizes each child’s unique strengths and needs. With the teacher’s guidance, our students gain skills by exploring topics through discovery and investigation, just like in our preschool programs, because learning is most meaningful when children are active participants in their learning.

Our low child-teacher ratio allows our Kindergarten teacher to work one-on-one with students every day!  This means your child will have one-on-one instruction in math, science, reading, and writing daily.

Finally, our Kindergarten teacher works to promote social emotional development by engaging in a lot of conversations with children during individual work, group work, and play because it lays the foundation for success in school and in life.


Our Kindergarten class includes the following details:

  • Hours: Monday through Friday 8:45AM to 2:45PM
  • Teacher has a master’s degree with a teaching certificate
  • 1 Teacher to a max of 12 kids
  • Fees: Non-Refundable registration fee
  • Extended care: available from 8:15AM to 8:45AM and 2:45PM to 4:30PM daily
  • Kindergarten qualifies for the School Tax Credit (see for more information)
  • Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) can be used to pay for this program


Contact the Director for more information at 480-460-0081 or

Need Help Paying for Kindergarten?

God’s Garden Child Development Center offers scholarship opportunities, yearly. Our scholarships help families afford to pay for private Kindergarten for their children. There are several different scholarship programs available, including ACSTO and ESA. We are here to help you determine which scholarship best meets your family’s needs. Contact the Director for more information at 480-460-0081 or

ACSTO – Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization

Are you interested in enrolling your child in Christian Kindergarten at God’s Garden Child Development Center, but need help paying for it? Your child is eligible for the school tuition tax credit.  God’s Garden partners with ACSTO, a school tuition organization, to help you afford a private Christian Education for your child. ACSTO uses tax credit donations to award tuition scholarships to Christian School students attending one of their partner schools, like God’s Garden.

Now is the perfect time to begin this program!  You may apply for a scholarship during the Spring prior to when your child starts Kindergarten at God’s Garden. Submit an application to ACSTO between February 3 and March 31 and any scholarships awarded to your child in the Spring Award Cycle can be sent to us as tuition becomes due for the upcoming school year.  Donors can donate to ACSTO and recommend your child for a scholarship up to one year before your child begins K-12th grade.

How to get started?

1) Apply on the ACSTO website – your child is not eligible for the state tax credit, unless you apply.  ACSTO needs a current Scholarship Application for each of your children (K-12 only) enrolled.  Your child(ren) must be enrolled at the school listed on the application.  You must apply via the parent portal on the ACSTO website ( You will be prompted to create an account, apply online, update family information, and create a child narrative.

2) Make a donation and ask friends and family to make a donation

After you have applied, ask your friends and family to make a donation and recommendation for your child.  The more donations God’s Garden receives, the more scholarships your child is eligible to receive.  It is even possible to get your child’s tuition completely covered for the entire year!  No need to wait, you can start making donations today. To make a donation, visit the donor portal on the ACSTO website:  Donors can also choose to donate by phone at 480-820-0403 or by mail.  Mail donations with a donation card to PO Box 6580, Chandler, AZ 85246.

3) Attend an ACSTO Parent Workshop to learn more about the program, find out how much you can donate, and ask Questions!

4) Receive a dollar for dollar credit on your state taxes.


In order to receive tax credit scholarships you must apply on the parent portal by the deadline on the award cycle.  Please visit the ACSTO website for more information or watch a short video to see how it works –  If you have any questions, you may contact ACSTO directly at 480-820-0403.

Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) Program


ESA Scholarship refers to the Empowerment Scholarship Account Program. An ESA is an account administered by Arizona Department of Education (ADE) and funded by state tax dollars to expand educational opportunities for eligible students outside of the public school system in Arizona. The ESA program provides public funding to pay for private school tuition, educational therapies, tutoring, and more. Eligible students receive 90% of the State aid that would have gone to the student’s school district or charter school had the student remained enrolled in the public school system.

This program grants up to $6000 a year towards private school tuition.

Please visit the ESA website for more information:

Please click here to apply: ADEConnect – Self Registration (