Are you looking for a unique Kindergarten experience? Then look no further. God’s Garden offers a child-centered, discovery-based Christian Kindergarten program. This program is not like other kindergarten programs! Our students are given time to engage in free-choice play in Centers with the skillful guidance of the Teacher. Can you believe it? This is rarely found in Kindergarten anymore. Our Kindergarten will help your child thrive and learn.

Welcome to God's Garden Preschool

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Child-Centered and Parent-Oriented Christian Preschool in Phoenix

God’s Garden Preschool in Phoenix, Arizona is your child-centered and parent-minded partner in developing the heart, mind, and spirit of your child in a Christ-centered environment. Inspired by Jesus’s love for little children, we teach our students to show love and respect for everyone in the community.

Our preschool maintains a low student-to-teacher ratio so we can focus on the development and specific needs of your little one. In addition, our Director has a Ph.D. in Early Education and our teachers are highly qualified. As such, you can be sure that you are investing in a quality preschool education where they learn important Christian values.

God's Garden Preschool of Ahwatukee

NOW ENROLLING for the 2021-2022 school year!

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COVID-19 Update

What we're doing to protect your loved ones

The last few months have been uncertain due to COVID-19.  We want to assure all families that student safety is our top priority.

We would like to invite you to return to God’s Garden Preschool if you have not already done so.  Many schools are returning to in-person learning in the next few weeks.  We would like to invite you to do the same.

God’s Garden is safe.  We are doing everything we can to prevent the spread of this virus.  God’s Garden has only identified 1 student who has tested positive with COVID since school began in August.

Your child’s health and safety are our top priority.  We continue to follow these guidelines to help prevent the spread of COVID-19:

  1. Wellness Check Stations with daily Arrival Health Check – Students and staff will be screened upon arrival daily for cough, fever, and shortness of breath. Daily Temperature Checks will be taken before students and staff can enter the building.
  2. Exclusion Criteria – Students and staff will be excluded if they present any of the following symptoms – fever of 100.4°, cough, or shortness of breath.
  3. We will be monitoring children for illness daily.
  4. New Drop off and Pick up procedures – Students will be dropped off at the front of the school. No parents or outside visitors will be allowed in classrooms.
  5. Virtual Tours – To decrease contact, tours will be conducted virtually indefinitely. View our virtual tour here –
  6. Increased hand washing will take place this year – Students and staff will wash hands at least once every hour, if not more.
  7. Face Masks or Coverings are required for adults, but not for children under the age of 6.
  8. Outdoor play activities will be adapted to include one class at a time on playground.
  9. Cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting efforts have increased.
  10. Shared material usage will be avoided.
  11. In case of school closure – Online virtual classes will be offered in lieu of in person preschool classes.


Contact the Director for more information on what we are doing to keep our students safe at or 480-460-0081.

Classes and Programs

Preschool and Kindergarten classes for children ages 2-6.

At God’s Garden, we believe it is important for children to learn democratic life skills including respecting others and one self, working together in groups, solving problems using words, expressing strong emotions in acceptable ways, and making ethical and intelligent decisions through our preschool programs in Phoenix, AZ.

We emphasize development of Christian values such as self-esteem, hope, faith, caring and sharing, forgiveness, honesty, obedience, responsibility, thankfulness, patience, love, joy, and fairness.  Teachers and staff model these values and beliefs every day in their interactions with children, parents, and each other.

Bible stories and teachings are used to support these values and beliefs.  In addition, children at God’s Garden learn to pray and worship God.  Each day begins and ends with prayer.  And even the littlest ones get to participate in worship during bi-monthly Chapel led by the Director of the Preschool and Pastor of Horizon Church.

Our Amazing Staff

Professional team that aims to respect your child’s feelings, to give them responsibility, independence, and freedom to make choices.

Our staff members are carefully selected based on educational qualifications and experience in the field of early childhood education.  Equally as important is a loving and genuine interest in young children.  Continual staff development is mandatory and accomplished through university/college course work, workshops, conferences, and in-service training.

Transportation Day

Since 2000, Transportation Day has been an annual event that draws 3,000 children and their families to explore vehicles of all sizes, shapes, and types. Want to climb in a helicopter, fire truck, police car, or city bus? How about motorcycles, motor homes, or race cars? You can experience all forms of transportation in early February on the Horizon Presbyterian Church and God’s Garden Preschool campus.

Class Sessions

Mon - Fri (7:45 am – 2:45 pm)

God's Garden Address

1401 E Liberty Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85048, USA

Office Hours

Monday – Friday 7.45 am – 2.45 pm

Phone & E-mail

(480) 460-0081