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God’s Garden Preschool
& Child Development Center

A Ministry of Horizon Church


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Welcome to God's Garden Preschool of Ahwatukee

Christian Preschool and Kindergarten

God’s Garden Child Development Center in Phoenix, Arizona is your child-centered and parent-minded partner in developing the heart, mind, and spirit of your child in a Christ-centered environment. Inspired by Jesus’s love for little children, we teach our students to show love and respect for everyone in the community.

Our preschool and kindergarten maintains a low student-to-teacher ratio so we can focus on the development and specific needs of your little one. In addition, our Director has a Ph.D. in Early Childhood Education and our teachers are highly qualified. As such, you can be sure that you are investing in a quality preschool education where they learn important Christian values.


Child-Centered, Discovery-Based Curriculum

In combination with an environment that inspires learning, God’s Garden utilizes a child-centered, discovery-based curriculum called High/Scope. The central principle of the High/Scope approach is “active learning” – the belief that children learn best through active experiences with people, materials, events, and ideas rather than through direct teaching or sequenced exercises. students learn to direct their fascinations, ask questions, and work on their own as well as part of a group.


Emphasis on Healthy Relationships

Social and emotional intelligence is promoted by teaching children how to build and maintain healthy relationships, communicate needs, and engage in emotional regulation. Teachers help children recognize, understand, and label emotions through the use of books, signs, conversations, and direct experiences.


Development of Christian Values

Our curriculum emphasizes the development of Christian values such as self-esteem, hope, faith, caring, sharing, forgiveness, honesty, obedience, responsibility, thankfulness, patience, love, joy, and fairness. Through daily interactions with our dedicated teachers and staff, children learn to embody these values in their daily lives.

Kindergarten Readiness

We promote kindergarten readiness skills the moment children walk in the door. Sure, children learn basic skills – such as letters, colors, numbers, and shapes – but we also teach communication, problem solving, cooperation, and social emotional competence. These are the most important skills for promoting school success. These skills begin developing at birth and throughout the first five years of life, and are promoted through explorations, discussions, conversations, and discovery-based projects and activities. These activities are critical in helping children develop higher order thinking and to develop innovative ideas and concepts that are necessary for success in school and beyond.


Integration of Bible Stories and Teachings

Bible stories and teachings form an integral part of our curriculum, supporting the development of Christian values and beliefs. Through prayer and worship sessions, led by the Director of the Preschool and Pastor of Horizon Church, children engage in spiritual growth and reflection, fostering a deep connection with their faith community.


Low Child-Teacher Classroom Ratios

Our low child-teacher ratios allow our teachers to work one-on-one with students every day! This means your child will have one-on-one instruction in math, science, reading, and writing daily.


Exciting and Interactive Summer Camps for Children Ages 2 to 8

God’s Garden offers a dynamic summer program designed to accommodate the schedules of busy families. Our summer camps run for 4 to 6 weeks during June and July each year. Learn More >


Fall Registration is now underway! Register TODAY!

Registration is first come, first served, so secure your spot promptly! To register your child(ren), please complete a registration packet and submit it to us in person or by email beginning on or after.

New Class this Fall!

We are thrilled to announce a new class available this fall – our 2’s Full-Day Preschool program, running from 8:45 am to 2:45 pm. This program includes a 2-hour nap after lunch. Learn More >


Our professional team prioritizes your child’s emotions, fosters responsibility, independence, and encourages freedom of choice. Each staff member is meticulously chosen for their educational background and experience in early childhood education, alongside a genuine love for children. Ongoing staff development is ensured through university/college coursework, workshops, conferences, and in-service training.  Learn More.

Gods Garden Preschool team
Gods Garden Preschool team


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Save the date for our 24th annual event!
FEB 22, 2025

Thank you, to everyone for supporting our 22nd Annual Transportation Day on February 3, 2024. It was a HUGE success. More then 3500 people attended the event and we made $10,000 for our wonderful school!

Transportation Day is an annual event that draws between 2,000 to 4,000 children and their families to explore vehicles of all sizes, shapes, and types. Want to climb in a helicopter, fire truck, police car, or city bus? How about motorcycles, motor homes, or race cars? You can experience all forms of transportation on February 11th on the Horizon Presbyterian Church and God’s Garden Preschool campus in Ahwatukee. Visit the Transportation Day website for more information.