“I’ve sent both of my children to God’s Garden, nearly 7 years apart, and had equally great experiences with both. The teachers are phenomenal – caring and highly educated, and I am impressed with the thought and creativity that goes into their day-to-day activities.” — Jennifer Lamoreaux.


“God’s Garden Preschool hits all the W’s for me: warm, welcoming and wonderful. My kids enjoyed learning through play. I loved the faith-based curriculum and my husband loved the price. We felt part of a community from the moment we walked in the front doors.” — Nicole Koester


“Knowing that the early years are so important, we chose God’s Garden because of the quality learning environment to help our child be prepared for kindergarten. The staff provide a loving and nurturing experience and it’s reassuring to know our child is in such great hands!” – Donna Shott.


“We wanted a preschool where our kids could learn and grow in a positive, loving and safe environment, and we found it in the God’s Garden Preschool. From the first day, the teachers warmly welcomed our son into their classroom and showed him God’s love in every moment. I’m convinced there is a special place in heaven for teachers who work with preschoolers, and the teachers at God’s Garden are all exceptional!  He came out of class that first morning with an enormous smile on his face and couldn’t wait to go back. In the 2’s class last year, he did countless creative crafts and science experiments, learned new songs, played games, went on “bear hunts”, and made wonderful new friends. We’ve seen his creativity, his confidence, his intellect, and his love of books and Bible stories grow over the past year. In addition, we have been personally blessed by Michelle Rhodes and the staff as they have shared their advice and suggestions on how to parent challenging toddlers. They support not just the students but their families as well. We are so thankful to have an extended family through God’s Garden and Horizon Church!”  ~ Bristol Family


“My daughter has been attending God’s Garden Preschool for over a year and I have been more than happy with the care my daughter has been receiving.  God’s Garden Preschool provides sensitive and responsive care.  The teachers act as important attachment figures, setting the stage for developing strong positive relationships with others.  My daughter is safe, loved, and protected.  If the heart feels good, then the brain can learn.  My daughter wants to come to school and she is very attached to the teachers in her classroom.  The teachers create an environment that is responsive to the needs of all children enrolled.  It is very personalized, and my daughter has grown so much.  Her language and social emotional skills have exploded in the last year! She is sharing with friends and her self-confidence is through the roof!  The Director is very involved; she conducts observations and assessments and provides teachers with feedback so they can grow and improve on a continual basis.  As an educator myself, I am very particular about the type of care that my daughter receives, and I would highly recommend God’s Garden to all my friends and family.” ~ Yaneth Laird


“God’s Garden has literally been a godsend to our family! In a time of uncertainty, our kindergartener was able to safely receive an amazing in person, nurturing education. The small class size and nurturing staff have have went above and beyond all year. Choosing a private education, was not an easy decision for our family, but we have been surprised to learn that with AZ tax programs, our kindergarten tuition could be fully covered, and truly was! We could not recommend this school enough!” ~ Brennan Family