What You Should Know

God’s Garden thrives because of the participation of parents, Horizon members, and the Ahwatukee and Foothills community.  Here is how you can help:

Participate in your child’s educational experience:  If you are able, share your hobbies and interests in the classroom.  Attend the monthly Chapel and get to know the Pastor of Horizon Presbyterian Church. Attend parent-teacher conferences and give us feedback about what and how your child is learning.  Share family pictures that illustrate how your child is developing.  Offer a testimonial we can share with other parents.

Be your child’s first teacher:  Being actively involved in your child’s learning is directly related to your child’s success in school.  So what can you do to prepare your child for kindergarten?

  • Encourage your child to explore
  • Give your child time to process information
  • Engage with your child
  • Encourage your child to find solutions on his/her own
  • Provide lots of opportunities for play
  • Talk to your child(ren) and often
  • Ask lots of questions
  • Sing to your child(ren)
  • Read to your child(ren) and do it often
  • Set and follow a consistent routine – children thrive on structure
  • Build a meaningful relationship with your child.

Visit or Volunteer in the classroom: Providing quality education and care for your child requires close cooperation of families and God’s Garden Staff.  We feel a strong partnership with the parents is very important. After all, parents are the most important person in your child’s life!  Together, as significant adults in your child’s life, we promise to work with you to become the bridge between home and school. We would like you to be an active partner in our program. God’s Garden has an open door policy. We welcome and encourage you to visit or volunteer in your child’s classroom at any time. In addition to classroom participation, God’s Garden holds fundraisers and fun events all year long.  These events are not possible without your help.   Click here for a list of current volunteer opportunities (link to List of Special Events on News page).  To volunteer, simply talk to your child’s teacher or the front desk.

Transportation Day Join us for our Annual Transportation Day.  Transportation Day is an annual event that draws 3,000 children and their families to explore vehicles of all sizes, shapes, and types.  You can experience all forms of transportation in late February on the Horizon Presbyterian Church and God’s Garden Preschool campus.  Want to be a part of this exciting event?  You can contribute to a raffle or participate through other Sponsorship Opportunities or you can help coordinate this event by volunteering to serve on our Transportation Day Planning Committee.

Serve on the Parents Committee: The Parents Committee serves as a forum for parents to raise questions, share ideas, join together with other parents to support the family connection to your child’s preschool, organize school events, and fundraise for special needs.  Events include Harvest Festival, Ice Cream Social, Easter Parade, Bike Safety Days, Water Days, Parents Night Out, Teacher Appreciation, and our highly anticipated annual “Transportation Day”.

Read the Parent Handbook: The Parent Handbook provides detailed information about God’s Garden and its policies and procedures.  Can’t find the information you are seeking in the handbook?  Contact the Preschool Director at 480-460-0081 or