Pre-Kindergarten Classroom

4- and 5-year-olds

About our Program

By age 4, children become more adventurous and have a lengthening attention span.  They are very curious and ask “why” about 100 times a day.  Children learn best through inquiry, exploration, and investigation at this age because they are so active.

The focus of our 4’s program is preparation for kindergarten. Math, science, and reading and writing skills and concepts are integrated throughout the curriculum, including work time (free choice play), outdoor play, and small and large group activities. Four-year-olds are ready for letter and number recognition, writing of letters and numbers, phonemic awareness, and sorting and classifying colors and shapes.


Academics and Kindergarten Readiness

Children develop math skills through block building, counting, sorting, and creating patterns. Children are exposed to reading and writing daily through exposure to books and journaling. These skills are enhanced by spending time recognizing and writing letters.  Children develop science skills by engaging in hands-on projects and discoveries.  Children explore such topics as Dinosaurs, the Ocean, Animals, Seasons, the Birth of Jesus Christ, etc.

At God’s Garden, children are provided with opportunities to develop social and emotional competence – which is at the root of kindergarten readiness. Without these skills, children won’t be able to navigate through the demands of school. Children learn emotional regulation, self esteem, and self confidence by building relationships with other children and adults at God’s Garden. They also learn resiliency, self-control, empathy, cooperation, taking turns, conflict resolution, problem-solving, and making friends.  Daily ‘jobs’ are rotated to help the children build self-esteem and develop a sense of responsibility and self-control in the classroom.

High/Scope Curriculum

Work Time (Free-choice Play) is integral to our program and the High/Scope Curriculum.  Children learn to navigate the world through play and develop a love of learning.  They are intrinsically motivated to make sense of the world through play because it is meaningful.  Play encourages children to practice independence, decision-making, cooperation, conflict resolution, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills with the guidance of skilled adults.

Teachers engage children in conversations that promote higher order thinking during episodes of free-choice play, small groups, large groups, circle time, and outdoor play. These conversations are critical to helping children learn to create innovative ideas and concepts that are necessary for success in school and beyond.


Sample Daily Schedule

08:45AM — Drop Off/Morning Table Activities
09:00AM — Circle Time
09:15AM — Small Group Time (Art, Math, or Science)
09:45AM — Large Group Time (Plan-Do-Review)
10:00AM — Snack Time
10:15AM — Outdoor Play
11:00AM — Work Time (Free Choice Play)
11:30AM — Story Time (End of Day Routine)
11:45AM — Pickup

Class Details and Options

  • Teacher to Student Ratio: 1:9
  • Must be 4-years-old by August 31st
  • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (part-time)
  • Any 4 days (extended on Tuesday and Thursday to 1:45pm)
  • All 5 days (extended on Tuesday and Thursday to 1:45pm)
  • Extended care available until 4:30pm daily ($10/hour)


  • 8:45am – 11:45am (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; Part-time)
  • 8:45am – 1:45pm (Tuesday and Thursday; extended)
  • Extended care available until 4:30pm daily ($10/hour)